.granulùf (last update 27/07/2005)

live performance software with effects, stretching, synthetiser, granuling, stuttering etc.

download (mac os 9x) granulùf 1.9 demo

download (mac osx) granulùf 3.4
granuluf HELP

.Cbasicore64 3.0 (last update 30/09/2008)

live performance software with 8 bits cheap sound inspired by commodore, amstrad or early video games

please send me some of your "xml" files
i will include them in preload presets

download (mac osx) Cbasicore64 3.0

download (Windows xp) Cbasicore64 2.0

.gliko (last update 12/12/2005)

download (mac os 9x) Gliko 1.2

download (mac osx) Gliko 1.5

download (windows xp) Gliko 1.2

.otodidoto (last update 27/07/2005)

an auto (but crazy) DJ for your MP3

sorry, only work with quicktime under 7 version

download (mac osx) otodidoto

.twinpitch (last update 08/16/2006)

download (mac osx) twinpitch 2.1

download (windows xp) twinpitch 1.2

all these softs are free but if you want you can make a donation........

all programmed by bertuf with max/msp (cycling74)________ write to bertuf : bertuf@gmail.com

.other works (not share)

no name patch number 246265

mitoyen #2

.QuadraLùp (last update 22/04/2007)

live looper and more...

download (mac osx but not intel mac) QuadraLup 1.0

download (windows XP) QuadraLup 1.0

download (mac osx but not intel mac) audioscene#1

.K7 (last update 13/09/2008)

give a trashy sounds to your tunes...

download (mac osx) k7


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to download right clic on link (ctrl/clic on mac)